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Hey guys, nobody likes a clusterfuck! Unfortunately, when conflict RP is unexpectedly sprung upon a large group of people with no OOC warning whatsoever, it can lead to a clusterfuck which then turns otherwise enjoyable RP into a unenjoyable mess. For the sake of attempting to prevent future…

OOC: Thoughts.

I just returned from a lovely weekend trip to Tokyo with my husband. My last chance to spend a good amount of time with him before he deploys again. The shit going down in game and on tumblr right now? I don’t have time for it. I have two kids to take care of and every second that I possibly can spend with my husband? I will be spending with him. The only reason I’ve been on this morning is because he is currently working. So, let me sum up my thoughts on the matter.

I dislike liars. I don’t like to lie… I truly don’t. I spend all of the energy I can to teach my children that lying is a bad thing to do.. and still there are liars all around us. In fact, I have to lie. I can not tell the truth about -anything- military related. I have to lie when it comes to my husbands job.. when they come and go. I have to do this thing I hate very much for his safety and the safety of the rest of the ship and the USA. 

Even though my lying has “a good reason” behind it… Lying is still not a good thing. It doesn’t matter how small or big.. It just sucks. So, to put it simply.. This whole situation sucks. What sucks the most is this particular instance has someone who many did not like on an OOC level lying to them to become friends or gain the ability to rp with them. That is absolutely uncool. What also sucks a ton is that this isn’t the first time this -month- that someone has “come clean” with their lies about being a completely different person than they said they were.

Can we just stop lying? I mean.. If you don’t want people to know who you are OOC wise… Don’t offer information. Just politely decline or say you are unable or unwilling to speak on it. Don’t make a false gender or false age or false personality. Our characters on game are completely unrelated to who are are off game. Your character is yours to manipulate into -anything- you want it to be. Why lie about who you are? You aren’t being forced to tell people who you are in real life. You aren’t forced to give your age, location, sexual preference, gender identity, name, picture.. Those are your choices. 

That’s all I have to say on the matter. Please don’t ask me to pick sides. I’m not interested in joining a war on lying or anything of that sort. I have far too much going on in my life for this.. I come to the game for some fun and chatting. Let’s continue that? Hm? <3


Erosider is played by Alyadria.

Syliel is played by Kurel.

Over the past few months I have had the honor of roleplaying with a great many of you. I wanted to come back and rp when I could and try to play a new toon that no one knew it was me, and from the perspective of a man. What it would…

I’m headed up to Akihabara to get my nerd on all weekend long. I will be back on Mondayish. Leave me a comment or message if you want a picture of something or if you want me to see if they have something for you. (I do have a buying/mailing service~)

I still write like I did in High School…  It’s been 7 years since I graduated High School. Can you tell?

rasmot-corner whispered: I mean . . .

"Well of course you have… Look at me! Who could blame you?"

belyndrae whispered:





Reli can ballroom dance like a champ.


:3  take Snow for a dance sometime, yes?  howfriggincutewouldthatbe

"HEY LOOK! RELI! DANCE WITH SNOW! SHE WILL DANCE WITH YOU! No need to drag me out in some frilly dress with some froofroo dance.."


"What kind of man would I be to turn down an offer like that?" He extended his hand towards Snow, though he shot a quick look at Bells. "As cute as your efforts are at trying to get out of this, it wont work. Once I finish this dance your ass better be dressed." He flashed her a smile before walking out to the dance floor.

Belyndrae sulked away to the changing room, quickly slipping into the smooth red dress that he had bought her for the evening. She returned while the two were still dancing. “I can do this!” She awkwardly placed her hands on her hips and grinned. “It’s just a dance… Just a-” She wobbled awkwardly in the heels. “Fuck.. Kill me now.”

dreaming-reli whispered:

Belyndrae has always wanted a big family. Her dream was to settle down, marry, and have at least three blood children and then adopt three children from the orphanage.