I look at you, and I just love you, and it terrifies me. It terrifies me what I would do for you.
Alexandra Bracken, Never Fade (via lovedacota)

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You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together.
Nicholas SparksThe Notebook (via lovedacota)

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mightybear94 whispered: That pencil thingo for Wachiwi. I cant type it on my okay?



Please remember to come visit me sometime. I miss you. Who is checking the scar with you gone?



dreaming-reli whispered: ✐ :D


Dearest Reli,

If you are reading this letter.. That means I am no longer in this world with you. I’m really sorry that I was unable to keep my promise to you. I tried my hardest but sometimes fate doesn’t agree with what you want. I have enjoyed all of the time we spent together.. Meeting you saved my life and living with you made life worth living. Everything that I have to my name.. My House, my houses, the apartment… My animals.. my gold. It is all yours. I hope that… it helps.. in some way. I’m sorry I don’t have more to give you. I’m sorry that I failed you… Live on, be happy, and have a good life. That is all I can ask from you. I love you always… 



tuathal-sunvein whispered:



Hey Tua.. I know that we haven’t really been speaking to each other much lately and I apologize for that. I haven’t really been in a good place and I have been trying to hide it from everyone. Unfortunately, I can’t hide things forever… My glass is about to spill over. It’s reached all that it can hold. Now… I am left with the choice to leave for a very long time… or die. I’m choosing to leave… I can’t tell you why or where or when… But, by the time you get this letter.. I will be gone. I will miss you. Miss you a lot, actually.. But, it is for the best. Take care of yourself and be happy, alright?

Love always, 


Anonymous whispered: ✐ From Kyrose Ostinato. (Bunny Ears left for you too.)


Dear Kyrose,

Please remember to place bunny ears on Reli every time you see him. Also, learn some new tricks.



tuathal-sunvein whispered: VIOLET: Loyalty PEONY: Shyness

Belyndrae smiled as she accepted the beautiful bouquet from Tua. “These are lovely! Violets and peonies.. the combination is absolutely stunning!” She smiled as she leaned in to sniff them. Bell knew from her book that Violets meant loyalty and the peony stood for shyness.. She just couldn’t understand why Tua would give her this combination. Perhaps he just found them pretty.. Perhaps there was a different reason behind. Should she poke? Would she poke? It was Bell… Of course she would. “So, Tua… Did you know that all flowers have a bit of a hidden meaning behind them?” She smiled softly as she watched his face for a reaction. “In fact.. Violets stand for loyalty and peonies stand for shyness… Isn’t that crazy?” She cooed out to him. “Not only are they beautiful together but the meaning behind them is cute..”

fisali whispered: Sycamore

Belyndrae blinked as she opened the mailbox and it -exploded- on her! Thankfully this wasn’t the usual mail bomb.. Instead, Bel found herself ankle deep in sycamore leaves. She quickly gathered the pile of leaves and tucked them into her pouch, unsure of what she could do with them. “Odd prank to pull on me…” She grumbled as she tucked the last leaf into her pouch. “Oh? What’s this?” Lying at her feet was a small scroll, Belyn bent down and picked it up, curiosity burning. Could the sycamore leaves be part of the recent trend of plant gifts the woman was relieving? A smile spread on her face as she saw the leaves were indeed a gift from Fisali. “Hm… Sycamore… Sycamore was….curiosity?”  Belyndrae beemed as she glanced around the Row to check for Fi. “Perhaps I should send a bunch of leaves to her as well.. I’ve always been curious of that beautiful but silent woman..”

pinxiedust whispered: As soon as Belyndrae's reaction was over with, Snow produced a lovely potted geranium from a basket slung over one elbow. "I actually meant to give you this, but you can keep those if you like them." She passed Bels a wink.

Belyndrae stared at the potted geranium with a huff. “Really?! You butt!” She grumbled as she reached out to accept the plant. Germanium.. True friendship. Now that was something that matched the pair far better. She sniffed the flower and smiled. “Thank you, Snow.. You are a true friend to me as well. I am so glad that we met and I love you very much.”

pinxiedust whispered: Snow's petite hands gently placed a wrapped box in Belyndrae's hands. On the top was a single begonia... She showed the warning sign for a few minutes, then gently lifted the flower out of the way to show a sprig of fresh dill. Snow's gentle smile widened, her eyes cutting sharply to show a half-lidded glance as her tongue traced over her top and bottom lip.

Belyndrae raised an eyebrow as she looked at the wrapped box. The begonia resting on top was beautfiul but Belyn knew what it meant… It was the symbol of warning. She had been studying that book ever since Reli brought her that bouquet.. a silly hobby or an obsession. Who was to say? As Snow opened the box and revealed the sprig of dill, a faint pink blush settled onto the blonde rogue’s cheeks. “Uh…” She stammered, watching as Snow suddenly turned into a sexual temptress. Bel stepped back slightly as she shook her head. “Love.. I don’t think you are… of right mind right now. Did you get into my drugs? Someone set you up? Is this a prank with Reli?!” She squeaked as she nervously looked around. The woman’s invitation was quite tempting.. But something wasn’t right…