Oh husband~ I thought you would like this!!! <3

So… This is a British “electronic dance band” called Basement Jaxx. The video is based in Japan… (Which if you watch, should be obvious.) It may be considered NSFW depending on where you work… My kids watched it without a care though. (We are in Japan.. This isn’t bad.) It’s… interesting.. and now I will have it stuck in my head for days to come. Hope you enjoy…

The reason I am posting this here on Bel’s tumblr instead of my OOC tumblr is because.. It relates to her. I wonder if you will understand how. <3 

Gifs that reminded me of Belyn and Reli.. I don’t normally post NSFW gifs so.. there ya go. Got it all out of my system. :P


Deimante Guobyte in a Black Bikini on Miami Beach

I’ve decided on Belyn’s body claim.. Juno is definitely her face claim but she is far too small body wise. This woman looks exactly how I picture Bell’s body.. minus the tan since Bell is on the pale side. ((Bell is 5’8, model pictured here is 5’10 and Juno is 5’2.))

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This’ll be interesting.



As anyone that follows my blog knows: I had two major surgeries in the past month; I’m out of work for at least another three months.
We’re short on rent and utilities, so I need to turn it out; this is the first time I’ve been open since December, and likely will close again after the new queue.

Even if you cannot purchase a commission, a Signal Boost is greatly appreciated.

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생일 축하합니다

생일 축하합니다

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Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Fox/Reli/Lolette/Emara/Alaric/Iriseli’s amazing writer~
Happy Birthday to you

Okay now that all of that is done… I hope that you have a wonderful birthday! Thank you for being such an amazing friend and roleplay partner. I’m blessed to have met you~ Eat a piece of cake for me and cheers to you! (I will have a drink in your name since I have no cake.) And yes, you are going to tell me I am a day early… But it is the 30th here in Japan so HUSH.



I just hit 400 followers so I’m doing a give away~! :D

How to enter: Be a follower of mine and reblog or like this post. Every note counts as one entry.

How This Is Gonna Work: On August 5th at 7pm PST I’ll use a random number generator to pick who wins out of the note order!

I’ll make a post to announce the winners. Winners will have one week to send me an ask or reblog the announcement with what they want drawn. If they don’t I’ll use the generator to pick a replacement winner on August 12th. And so on. Hopefully all the winners respond, lol I am not gonna hunt you down to give you free stuff, tho. :3 I want these to go to people who really want them.


First prize is a full color waist up portrait of any character you like. You can link an armory, or give me other refs for an OC. I do ask that their face be visible and that their armor is not absolutely redic.

Second Prize: I will pick 5 runners up that will get to choose between a colored bust portrait or a full body chibi portrait of any character. See examples above for what to expect from each. :)

Thank you everyone for following me and helping me get this far here on tumblr! I’m glad to give a little back. I’ve had a lot of fun since joining this site. This is my first give away, so please, be gentle.


Celiael was so excited to finally own a small apartment within the walls of Silvermoon City! Now that she was no longer a trainee at the Farstrider Academy and the explorer’s itch had passed.. She was ready to settle down and put her training to work. It was nothing short of an honor for the young Ranger to defend the City and those who reside within.. To have a home near work was an obvious choice! Now she could get ready to defend whenever she was called and arrive within minutes! The dark haired elf was pretty much bouncing all the way to The Bazaar with her keys. She had originally wanted a spacious apartment within the Walk of Elders so she could keep an eye on the City gates… but one can’t be picky! The small one bedroom apartment that she was able to secure was just fine for her. The kitchen may be tiny but she wasn’t the best cook anyways. The best part to her was her bedroom… It may actually be as large as the sitting room! The Ranger Captain who taught her went ahead and purchased the furniture and decor for her home as a graduation gift… So when Celiael opened the door to the apartment for the very first time, she was in shock. The entire apartment was beautifully decorated in light airy colors that warmed her soul and brought a smile to her face. She left her bow and boots at the door before doing the most important thing when buying a new house… Celi ran to the bedroom, jumping on the over sized bed. With a sigh, her eyes slipped shut. “This is what dreams are made of..” She whispered to herself as she slipped into dreamland.