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rooktangram whispered: My character suddenly hugs yours! (Reply to this and then send this to another person or two to keep it going.)

Belyndrae giggled as Rook suddenly wrapped his arms around her frame. “Oh! Hello there.” She teased lightly. “Goodness.. It seems as if you missed me.” Slowly, she wrapped her arms around his waist and squeezed him back. “You promised we would chat someday.. I’m still waiting. Perhaps a bit less patiently… but I am waiting.” She continued to stand there,…just holding tightly onto the monk as if he may disappear the moment she let go.

Letter: Ashtide

Dearest Ash,

I apologize for bothering you… However, you must realize that I am quite worried. I have not seen you in the City since -that day-. Have your wounds healed? I attempted to ask Nikkitah but… Let’s just say he did not seem to remember much. He seemed off.. Perhaps he hit his head. …Can that even work on a Death Knight? Anyhow.. A quick note just saying you are alive would be nice. You did bleed all over my couch after all.



"Father never was fond of me…"

Today I learned WoW has a “Mass Recall” button… Which kicks people from game and sucks them all back to the shrine… 

Ooc: I’m scared to leave the navy behind.

Random question….. What is life like? Normal life… No military crap.

belyndrae whispered:


☎ :List three or more people they would call out for during an emergency.

Alright first things first:  Nik causes about 95% of his own emergencies so that’s important to know going into this. 

In an emergency, whomever is around who Nik knows might be the person who gets called to help.   Belyndrae saw that first hand when the “Sailor and the Shark” incident happened. (Nik shooting Ashtide with the Landshark). If they step up to the plate, it can often create a boost in his opinion of them.  If they don’t, it’s often a black mark against them indefinitely.  There’s a few people this applies to as well, but one of the main ones was xynrael who responded to Nik’s desperate plea to help him escape his Scourge handlers by clubbing him in the head to render him unconscious and then handing him over to Treue.  Then walking away whistling.  Nik still holds this event against Xynrael with extreme prejudice, even though he no longer wants to be free, and even though it happened about 5 years ago in IC time when you factor in the Cata gap.  It’s still a “I needed you and you failed me” situation.

People who have come through for him in those spontaneous emergencies in the past tend to be the people who get tapped again in the future.

Since Nik’s shitlist is an ever changing thing, the list I have right now may not look the same in a month.

1.  Belyndrae.  She’s the perfect combination of connections and ambition to get on his good side, but she also has the ‘benefit’ of that he doesn’t actually care about her that much.  That is incredibly callous to say, but kind of how Nik’s mind works!  If Belyndrae failed to successfully defuse the situation and got hurt or captured or whatever herself, Nik wouldn’t be as upset about that as he would be if it was, say Ashtide.  In fact, his desperate need to keep Ashtide safe is why he’s not on this list.  She also is NOT one of his Ichor-sworn, meaning that if he doesn’t want the Loyal to know about whatever stupid thing he’s gotten himself into, she’d be a good go-to girl.

2. Interitus Shadowbreaker.  Though he is a paladin, and now a very accomplished blood knight and soldier, Interitus originally squired for Nik when Nik first returned to Silvermoon.  Int has since surpassed him in pretty much every way, including rank, mental acuity, and strength.  They’ve been through a lot together, some good, some very, very bad.  However, they’ve still got each others’ backs, and Interitus has a very problem-solving, mature nature in addition to his excellent military background to help him provide a credible, respectable voice of reason.  Plus, having sway in Silvermoon helps.  Similarly to Bel’s case, Int may be ichor-sworn but he doesn’t really associate as closely with the Loyal anymore, so it’s less likely that they’d hear about whatever Nik did to cause an emergency.

3.  Adaziel.  Despite Nik caring very much for Adaziel, he makes this list because Nik genuinely thinks he’s purely cunning enough to get out of situations.  This is pretty notable, since a lot of people Nik really adores won’t make this list because he’d be afraid that they’d be considered guilty by association and something bad would happen to them because of him.  That’s where people like Feythril, Adranos, Treue, Croft, and Nex land, because Nik fears that they would be harmed by whatever emergency he’d caused.  However, Adaziel has a rare combination of Nik’s care and confidence, meaning that he actually trusts the Felcaster to come out of things unscathed.  And as is the case with the other two, he’s quite likely to not tell the Loyal.  Unless they need to stitch his limbs back on, or something…

OOC: Late night skyping with the Bells.

[12:35:08 AM] Sesh: Bumming around aimlessly, wishing for a zombie apocalypse.
[12:42:25 AM] Bells: y
[12:42:38 AM] Sesh: Because it would be more fun than this shit.
[12:43:05 AM] Sesh: And because I recently spent like a week thoroughly studying the theory of zombies and how genuinely possible they are.
[12:51:05 AM] Bells: But zombies are scary
[1:05:51 AM] Sesh: Only if you don’t recognize what they are.
[1:06:29 AM] Sesh: Really, zombies are just normal humans with a wide-scale infection. Swelling in the brain causes loss of general motor functions, violence, and a loss of hunger control- The system that tells you you’re full breaks.
[1:07:21 AM] Sesh: Add a loss of nervous systems to that to kill their entire pain network and you have unstoppable shambling human beings with an insatiable hunger for anything remotely food-related.
[1:09:52 AM] Bells: …. My children?

And thus I have learned that I am not raising little angels but instead.. they are definitely zombies.

  • ☠ : Are there any recent/daily thoughts they have about death or dying?
  • ☯ : Do they believe for every darkness there is a lightness? If not, why?
  • ♥ : Name one thing about the way their emotions work that they despise.
  • ☆ : Would they ever wish upon a falling star? If so, what would they wish?
  • ☁ : Describe how they would spend a stormy, overcast/rainy day.
  • ☂ : Storms or clear skies?
  • εжз : What about nature do they find calming? What about nature do they find disagreeable?
  • ☎ : List three or more people they would call out for during an emergency.
  • ☛ : What is their typical response to being given orders?
  • ☢ : Describe a thought or dream that would cause them to have a mental meltdown.
  • ✄ : Are there any reasons why they would ever think of self-harm? If so, what are they?
  • ❤ : Describe a physical action that shows complete trust.
  • ❥ : Describe a verbal way they would express complete trust.
  • ✗ : Explain how they portray feelings of hostility or dislike.
  • ⊗ : What is something that causes them to question themself?
  • ☾ : On a sleepless night, what would they be found doing?
  • ☤ : Is there anything about their health they are continuously on edge about? Something they disregard?
  • ✓ : Name at least two people who can trust them with their life.
  • ❣: Describe a way that will earn affection (whether platonic or romantic) from them.
  • ✖ : Describe a way to make them uneasy or apprehensive.
  • ♆ : Are they prone to violent outbursts or thoughts?
  • ✏ : What are their creative outlets?
  • ✉ : Do they tend to rely on words or actions more?
  • ♡ : Is there a certain scent that brings about nostalgia? If so, describe a memory this scent brings back.
  • ۞: Are there any inner demons they can never seem to get rid of? What are they?