Pictured above is my grandmother and my son from when she came to visit us here in Japan back in Feb/March.

My grandmother was released from the hospital today. (Mostly because she was having a -fit- with being stuck inside and demanded it.) The scan came back clear and they have said that she does -not- have cancer. They are still worried about her coughing up blood and she is currently on oxygen round the clock. She is tired a lot and doesn’t have energy to do pretty much anything.. She is kind of detoxing from the pain drugs they gave her after her surgery as well. At this point things seem to be looking up but they still have a lot of tests to run before they can say she is free and clear. I lost my grandfather two years ago (in September) and my mother just won her battle against cancer last year. Life has been quite trying since we joined the military.. But, we are strong and we will persevere.

Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers, kind thoughts, and everything these past few days! It was really rough for a while and although it is still scary… I think we can make it through. I love all of you and I am here for you whenever you need it just like you were there for me. Even if I am an ocean away. <3